Hello! My name is Sara Berlin. Welcome to my Minor In Writing Capstone Portfolio. 

I'm a graduating senior at the University of Michigan, where I study Communication Studies, Writing, and Community Action and Social Change (CASC). Throughout this site, you will find different pieces of my writing. Most of the site caters to the work I have been doing for my Minor in Writing, but there are explanations throughout the site to help you feel oriented. The goal of this website is to give you a sense of the type of writer I am, as well as the type of person I am. I have a passion for writing, building connections, and understanding the human condition, so I hope that comes through on this website.


Over the past four years here, I have learned to question a lot about my relationship with others, how we fit into this world, and myself. I have learned from others and engaged in meaningful, important, and difficult conversations. So if anything, I hope that my portfolio sparks a conversation with someone you know, a stranger, or even yourself. 


Specifically, in this portfolio, you will find: 


- A Writer's Evolution Essay, which is an argumentative essay about my transformation as a writer over the last four years, and how feedback has affected that growth. 


- My Capstone Project, which is a narrative non-fiction essay that combines clinical, psychological research with personal vignettes to understand the relationship between the differing elements behind companionship. This project is split into six different chronological sections, where the reader will see clinical research at the top of each section and a personal vignette below that research. As you read through the project, please keep in mind the central question: Is pair bonding (companionship) emotionally inevitable or socially determined?  


- Three different pieces of work that I've done throughout different courses I have taken. These pieces showcase my work as an evolving writer. 


- A way to contact me. 


Feel free to look around and stay as long as you’d like. I’m around if you have questions or just want to talk about anything you see on the site (or perhaps just introduce yourself).